Felicity Cloake is  Fabulous!


Amongst the things, I wouldn’t describe myself as…

Old photo of a deep sea diver
a deep sea diver,
Tattooed lady no copyright restrictions 020917
a tattoo artist,
Old black and white photo of a woman dusting
or a person who’s really good at dusting…

but I especially wouldn’t describe myself as a cook.

Two women cooking
Photo by Wirthmann Julianna


Don’t get me wrong –there are things that I cook that taste OK …

Not wishing to brag, but I am very, very good at cooking toast

but frankly, if I invite you round to dinner you shouldn’t get too excited. In fact, probably, you’d be well-advised to invent a previous engagement. Anyway, whatever it is that really good cooks have, I seem to have mislaid mine. Perhaps it’s fallen down the back of the sofa. Who knows! But recently, I have discovered the secret of creating dishes that are so incredibly toothsome (that is such a silly word; I think I’m going to use it every day for a month!) that my guests forget to talk while they are eating. Their faces take on a look of happy concentration that is music to my eyeballs. And what is the secret to my newly acquired domestic goddess status, I hear you cry?   Well, since you ask so nicely, I will tell you: it is Felicity Cloake.

If you google a recipe – banana bread for example –  Banana_bread_loaf,_190817and add the word, ‘Felicity’ she will appear, like magic, at the top of the list. Click on her ‘How to cook the perfect…’ and you will be taken to Felicity’s page in The Guardian. Felicity (we’ve never met, but I feel she’d want me to address her by her first name) tries out lots of famous cooks’ different versions of  well-loved dishes, then takes the best features and creates her own.  And they work.

My friend, Kay, an excellent cook whose food is always toothsome in the extreme – it has extreme toothsomeosity if you will – thinks Felicity’s recipes are faberoo too, which is as much scientific research evidence as you need, in my opinion! So there you have it. ‘Nuff said. Kay and I have spoken. Google Felicity now!

Google_in the public domain 020917

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