Watching Boxsets in our Pyjamas

The two main characters from 'The Bridge' are striding about as they as always do. Just watching them helps us learn to speak Swedish.
Photo by Noews Oresund

Are you fluent in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic yet?  We are… well, we feel like we are, which is practically the same thing, although possibly not as useful should we unexpectedly find ourselves in a Nordic country.  Can’t think quite how that would happen: accidentally boarding the wrong plane?  Getting swept north while swimming in the sea off Scarborough? Being kidnapped by wild, unreasonable Swedish terrorists and whisked away to Stockholm?

We’ve watched so many Nordic Noir box sets that the whole Scandi sound is comforting and familiar.  It feels like we ought to be able to speak it if we concentrated really hard, while drinking wine and eating chocolate… obviously!

An image of wine and chocolate both of which, I find, help me to understand Nordic languages!
It’s easier to understand Nordic languages while drinking wine and eating chocolate!

The thing is, that although I have this gut feeling that deep down we can speak S, D, N and I (see above – can’t be arsed to write it twice), I am equally sure that we couldn’t do it if we weren’t dressed in our pyjamas. No… no… no… Don’t interrupt; I don’t want to hear your views on the subject. We watch boxsets in our pjs.  It’s a really sensible precaution.  If we found that the plot was so compelling that we just had to watch a fifth or sixth episode, even though it’s two in the morning, we can stagger upstairs afterwards and jump straight into bed or, if we were too exhausted to do that, we could simply sleep on the sofa.  Sorted.

A man in dressed in a onsie. He fell asleep while watching Nordic Noir and can now go straight to bed!
Watch TV in a onesie to understand Scandinavian more easily

Also, wearing our night clothes to watch box sets is a ritual, and rituals, as anyone over 40 would agree, if they gave the matter just a bit of thought, and I told them what to think first, are one of the truly great things about getting older.  A ritual is something you have to do.  It’s a rule.  So we’ve decided that we love watching Scandi Noir boxsets in our night clothes so much that we’ve made it a ritual, so now we have to do it, because it’s a rule.  Clever huh?!


Anyway, where was I?  Ahyes, we can only speak Nordic languages if we are dressed for bed.  We’d be totally out of our depth if we were, for example, dressed for work, or in our gardening clothes, or our swimming costumes.  Those Nordic grunty noises just wouldn’t make sense.

Woman dressed in gardening clothes, so she can't understand Danish!
It’s so strange, I can’t understand Danish at all when I’m dressed in my gardening clothes!



And that’s all I have to say on the subject of speaking S,D,N and I (see above….still can’t be arsed!) So it’s ‘hej da’ from me, and ‘tack’ for reading.




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