Why do the English complain about the weather?

Because it’s bloody awful that’s why!

Piccadilly Circus, London, rain
Photo by Garry Knight

Because it rains every other day and, even on the alternate day when it doesn’t pour, it’s never actually hot and sunny, but it often looks like it might get better, which is an evil weather trick, because then we all get hopeful.  For nothing, because it never does.  It just stays cloudy, and windy and cold  and rubbish.

We want a proper summer; one where you know, before you’ve even got out of bed, just from the summer scents that are drifting through your bedroom window, that this is going to be a perfect day.

We want to be able to complain about having to plaster ourselves in sun screen.  We want to toss and turn in our beds, because it’s just too hot to sleep.  We want to eat barbecued chicken that looks suspiciously pink in the middle.  We are being denied all of this.

And what makes it even more annoying is that Brexit is making going abroad to escape our weather really, really expensive.  Grrrr…

Just saying…

There are other things that drive me nuts…


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